RELATIVES, cartoon, Russia, 1993 (with ENGLISH subtitles)



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Ekleme Tarihi by KaLpSizZz
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Once upon a time there were two brothers. One was rich, and another, on the contrary, poor. Also the poor brother has decided to go to the rich brother that he has given something. Also the rich brother has told that if that works for him week, then can be and he will give something. And in a week the kind brother has presented with a glass of vodka and a piece of bread. The poor brother of rich has thanked and has gone home down the river. Here he has seen the old woman need sitting in his boat. The poor brother has suggested her to get into a bag to carry her home. The old woman need has obeyed. And as soon as she has got into a bag, the poor brother has tied it a rope and has buried under a big stone. Since then in the house the poor brother always had a prosperity. Once the rich brother comes on a visit to him and asks: "Tell why you have grown rich?". The poor brother has told all. Also the rich brother has decided to ruin the poor brother. He has gone to that big stone where the need has been buried, has removed her and has told: "Need, go to my brother, ruin him to the last thread". The need refuses and begins to stick to the rich brother. After that at him everything has gone crash: a half of all money is plundered by thieves, and other half is carbonized.

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