Razer "Gaming" Phone 2 - WAN Show Sept 7, 2018



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Timestamps courtesy of WestOfAsh

0:01 LMG is on vacation.
0:48 Overview of the program.
1:16 Intro.
2:00 AMD CPU, VEGA RADEON Graphics.
4:40 Microsoft Windows 7 FOREVER/ 2023.
8:40 We have sponsors, PIA and Humble Bundle.
9:03 Second Razer "gaming" phone confirmed.
12:35 Steam using filters to hide certain games in search.
15:40 British Airways Security breach
17:18 have I been Pwned?
20:27 Leaked i7-9700k Benchmarks
23:00 AT&T Unlimited Data to First Responders!
25:30 Sponsor 1 PIA
27:56 Sponsor 2 Humble Bundle
29:54 EA SUED!
32:38 Forza Specs!
35:50 AMD 7 Nanometer CPUS
38:00 Floatplane
42:00 Extralife Children's Miracle Network 24 hour Stream! Through the AGES! October 6th
47:30 Iphone X
47:49 Microsoft Xbox One Voice control
48:25 Gamer's Nexus, Tom's Hardware Squabble
51:30 Witcher 3 Original Series Netflix
53:30 Farewell for the week.

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